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India Travel Advisory

The tourists travelling to India should be well aware of their safety statuses and the current situations prevailing in the region both politically and geographically that may directly affect your visit to India.

India Travel Safety Advice

  • The foreign tourists should be very careful about their luggage and other important documents while their trip to India as the theft or misplacing the items can lead to setback to your vacations.

  • Handle your Visas and Passport documents with care as those are the most important and will be checked thoroughly on your trip to the place.

  • Avoid visiting isolate places as there had been various cases of theft and robbery when the tourists are alone visiting the outskirt places of the country.

  • Be aware of the local customs and traditions and the rules and regulations followed in the states you are visiting. Be in constant touch with your travel guide and ask him for any help regarding the local rules and people.

  • The tourists should try to travel in groups along with friends or family so as to be secure as the number of thefts had been tremendously reduced in such cases. Take your guide along so that you are well aware of the nearby places and the right route to travel.

  • One must possess a valid passport and should have minimum two black pages for the visa and the validation is 180 days from the date of entry into the region. More information can be gathered from the High Commission of India in your respective country.

  • Medical checkups should have been done at least two months before departure to India so that you are well aware of your health statuses and vaccinations required by you. This may prevent you from falling into emergencies situations in case any miss happening occurs during the travel. Please consult National Travel Health Network to be assured.

  • The tourists should be well aware of the natural disasters such as the monsoon cyclones and storms that may very much affect your travel in the rainy seasons. There had been many cases of flooding in the plains region during these times which might seriously affect your trip to the various regions in India.

  • As India is a region of huge contrast in climatic conditions hence be ready for any chances of flight delays and cancelations due to foggy weather and snowfalls that are region specific. Your travel guide would guide you best in such cases as they are well aware of the concerned people to contact in times of emergencies.

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India Travel Spots can provide you with more on when is India travel advisory and India travel safety advice.

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