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Culture of India

If one goes into the ancient history of India then one would find how old is the Indian culture and how varied it is looking at the mix of a number of religions and beliefs of the people living in India. As the country has one of the oldest ancient civilizations hence is the wide differences in the food, habits, customs and clothing of people from one place to the other. You could find more of the western culture in the metros while the rural areas and villages have very simple clothing and living styles. Moreover the beliefs in Gods and Goddesses also differ from one region to the other right from the north to the south and from the east to the west!

Traditional Culture of India

Although the Indian culture differ in the varied amounts from religion to religion in India itself but there is the common ancient traditional culture that is by and large is the same in most part of the country or may be having only slight differences owning to the development and education of a particular place. The worship in the temples and the Gods that have been described in the Ramayana and Mahabharata largely remains the same although there may be little transition in the way they are being prayed by the devotees.

Languages and Religions in Indian Culture

The talking languages and the religious beliefs changes as one goes from one region to the other changing one state to the other. There are major four large religions that are followed in the country and those are for the Hindu, Muslims, Sikh and the Christians. There may be further segregation in into Buddhism and Jainism in the culture and these also have good number of believers as for the following is concerned. Similarly the languages and the way of communicating differs in dialect for people in the different states hence the Hindus speak Hindi, the Muslims speak Urdu, the Sikhs are Punjabi speakers and the Christians in English. Yes, there is also change in speaking languages form state to state such as Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati to name a few.

Fairs and Festivals in Indian Culture

The huge change in the beliefs and living methods of people has also affected the way they celebrate their fairs and festivals. Every state comes up with something very special in the tradition that is followed there to name a few are the Onam, Sankranthi, Pongal, Durga Pooja, and Baisakhi. But the most popular and the largely celebrated ones are the Diwali, Dussehra and the Holi. For the Mulims are the Eid ul Fitr, Bakra Eid and Muharram. Also the Christians celebrate the Christmas and the Good Friday with great pump and show in the region.

Culture of Dance, Music and Clothing in India

There is a long list of the dance forms that are performed in the country and to name a few are the popular classical bharatanatyam of the state of Tamil Nadu, kathakali in the south state of Kerala, kuchipudi of Andhra Pradesh, manipuri of the state Manipur, odissi performed in the state of Orissa and the dandiya and garba of western state of Gujarat.

As the religion and beliefs of the people changes so are their clothing and dressing styles. The traditional styles include majorly the saris for the women and the dhoti and the lungi for men. Also are the other styles of salwar kameez and the cloth worn over it called dupatta for the women mostly from the states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal. Also putting up Bindis on their fore head and wearing sandals are also part of the India culture that mostly follow in all the houses.

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