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Home » Tourism in India » India Travel Distances Calculator Between Cities

India Travel Distances Calculator

One of the most useful tools in getting to a place is one which tells you how much is the distance from your current location to the destination you want to reach. What could be even better if you also get the time to reach there and driving directions to help you find your way out to the place!

India Travel Distances between cities Calculator

One of the most helpful the accurate way of find the travel distances and time is through the Google maps while all others do not provide accurate results. In the below map is just marked the travel path line from New Delhi (bubble A) to Jaipur (bubble B) just to give you an example.

View Larger Map

Just go through the 2 simple steps guide to help you find out the distances between any two cities on the India Map as well as the calculated approximate time and driving directions for getting to that place.

STEP 1 - Guide to Open Distance Calculator Google Tool

The very first step is to click on the “view larger map” link on the above actual Goolge map of India which will open the larger and bigger map in another window. Do not worry as this current working window will not close and you can easily get back to this page once you get done with the work.

India Travel Distance Calculator

STEP 2 - How to Calculate Distance Between Cities in India

The second step is to mark or define the locations of the starting and ending destination points on the map. You can zoom out the map and also drag the map to move to the places you want to mark. This can be done in two ways:
  1. Just drag the bubble A (start point) and the bubble B (end point) on to the locations on the India map to find out the travel distances and the time between the two.

  2. Easier method would be to mention and type in the locations A and B on the left hand side pane on the map page and just hit “GET DIRECTIONS” to get the travel time and the distances between point A and point B.

India Travel Distances Between Cities Calculator

The most advanced feature of this tool is that it not only gives you the distance length in Kms but also the time and the driving directions to the most short and easiest way to reach the place.

Checkout Maps of:

Kerala Rajasthan Goa
Gujarat Himachal Pradesh Jammu Kashmir
Trivandrum Jaipur Panaji
Gandhinagar Shimla Srinagar

India Travel Spots can provide you with more on the Travel Distances Calculator, India Travel Distances Between Cities Calculator.

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