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How to reach Rajasthan

If you have packed up your bags for a trip to the exotic spot of Rajasthan then you could as usual reach the place by any of the three modes that is by rail or train, by air or taking a flight or the last or not the least by the road.

How to get to Rajasthan

Rajasthan has quite good connectivity via the national highways and hence one would find it to be quite easy getting there. Consistent flight schedules and times, good number of trains and large number of bus facilities are available to reach Rajasthan.

How to reach Rajasthan by Train

All the major cities of Rajasthan are connected by the railways and hence commuting by train is quite easy. The different cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Ajmer, Udaipur, Bikaner have well built railway stations so the passengers can easy change trains at these major junctions. There are also three Rajdhani Expresses from Kota station to reach various cities outside Rajasthan. Special Thar International Express goes right from Jaipur to Karachi and made is easier for people of both counties to move to and fro.

How to reach Rajasthan by Air

Rajasthan provides for good connectivity by air as a large number of domestic as well as international flights moves in and out of the place. Majorly the three airports provide for the air travel and those are the Jodhpur airport, the Jaipur International Airport and the Udaipur airport.

How to reach Rajasthan by Road

The travel to Rajasthan can be enjoyed through the various national and local highways. The NH-8 connects the major cities of the state to Delhi NCR and others nearby and gives you a smooth ride. You could enjoy the travel by cabs, taxis or the best would be your private vehicle if you want to enjoy and reach the nearby spots of the state. There are also a number of interstate buses with frequent city to city movements that can a cheaper mode of travel to reach Rajasthan.

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India Travel Spots can provide you with more on how to reach Rajasthan and how to get to Rajasthan.

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