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Things to do in India

One often wonders what to do when you have reached India? There are various exciting things one could explore while your visit to this dynamic country. One can enjoy the various travel spots, shopping market places, the movies and nightlife for that chilling experience! Honeymoon for the freshly weds in the astounding places like the hill stations and the beaches makes life happening!

List of Top 10 Things to do in India

Find below some of the well collected ideas for making your day out at the most mesmerising country of India. Of course one can enjoy and have fun ones own way but the mentioned below could make your trip even more exciting. Mentioned out here is the list of top 10 things to do in India for all the fun and frolic!
  1. Places to visit in India

    One can enjoy the exotic places in India with the varied contrasts right from the north to south and from the east to the west of India. Amazing places can be experienced right from the cool hill stations in Himachal to the hot deserts of Rajasthan. The temples of Madhya Pradesh have beautiful architectural sculptures and the beaches of Goa give you that thrill in the waters. So enjoy the excitement you will never forget!
  2. Shopping in India

    The shopping experience in India is truly amazing with all sorts of jewellery, clothing, and paintings available in small and big markets in the various cities of India. Shopping can be huge fun and not to miss things to do with things of all sorts available at very cheap or reasonable prices in some of the places popular for shopping. Even the shopping malls have all the exciting things one would love to buy!
  3. Nightlife in India

    The nightlife in the various metro places are a must see with the amazing lights and the Indian disco music which would make you jump up your seats! The girls and guys can have all the fun in the discotheques and clubs in the various cities around the state. The youngsters enjoy their nights at various occasions or otherwise in these clubs and joints so as to make their day out remember able!
  4. Honeymoon in India

    One of the most wanted destinations to visit for honeymoon, India is flocked by newlywed couples from all over the world for the amazing honeymoon spots all around the country. The beautiful beaches, the amazing hill stations and the temples make India one of the top spots to be looked by the tourists as must see.
  5. Movies in Theatres India

    One of the best time pass and top 10 things to do is watching some of the latest movies in the theatres with friends and family. One can enjoy the various comedies, sci-fi, horror or the romantic ones as per your taste and mood. There are various multiplexes and PVR in all the major cities where one can have fun watching high definition and 3D movies.
  6. Hill Stations in India

    One of the most looked upon places are the cool hill stations around the country which are so full of greens and fresh air that it feels like heaven being there! So if you are planning for the visit to the place do not miss out the popular hill stations that would truly refresh your mood and re juvinate you with energy. The must watch are hills of Himachal and Darjeeling among others.
  7. Beaches in India

    The beaches in the various coastal regions of India are some of the most visited and sought for places by the tourists from all around the world. These beaches are truly amazing by the kind of beauty they have and the amount of fun they provide with all sorts of water riding sports. The natural beauty of the coral reefs are must see among the various sand beaches. Enjoy the beaches of Kerala and Goa for thrilling experience!
  8. Top 10 Travel Spots

    There are loads of places that can be visited and enjoyed along with the friends and others but there are few which would really make your eyes pop out of their sockets! Visit these top 10 travel spots from the various locations of India so that you do not miss on your trip adventure to these exciting places. Do not forget to visit these places as without these your visit to the place is just not complete.
  9. Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

    The newlyweds can enjoy their honeymoon at the chosen top 10 destinations that would make their marriage even more bonding among the beautiful romantic travel places. These cool places will give you that amazing atmosphere filled with love that you cannot resist among the other top things to do! Enjoy all the fun and frolic at these romantic spots to make your honeymoon travel even more exciting and remember able for time to come.
  10. Top 10 Places to Stay

    Visiting a travelling spot cannot be completed without choosing a good place to stay with your friends or family. Hence what could be best then looking out for the top places where you could spend your night along with the best of the customer services and the extra tasty food that you would love to have! So do not think much and just pack your bags for the best hotels and resorts for an amazing stay experiences.

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India Travel Spots can provide you with more on the list Top 10 Things to do in India.

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