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Weather in India

One finds widely diverse climatic conditions in the various parts of India because of the huge area covered by the Indian subcontinent covering the coastal areas on both eastern and western sides and the Himalayas in the north. Its only because of such weather conditions that one could find deserts, hills, forests, snow mountains and heavy rain areas in the various parts of the country. The climate is considered to be tropical owning to the Tropic of Cancer passing through the centre of India and hence you would find the extremes of everything here such as the monsoons, winters, summers and post monsoon weather.

India Travel Weather Forecast Guide

Travelling to India can be huge fun only when you accurately know what could be the best time to visit here and the climatic weather forecast that is best suited for you when you reach your destination travel spot. There are particularly four seasons that are mainly predominant in the tropical region of India and that are the winters from November to February, the summers from April to July, the monsoons during June to August, post monsoons from September to November. You would some of these would overlap and those are transition states weather conditions here.

Average Rainfalls and Temperatures in India

The below mentioned table shows the yearly average raintalls and temperatures for few of the cities in India that would give an idea of the sort of climatic and weather conditions prevail here. There are few cities like Chirapunji that recieves very heavy rainfalls throughout the year where as there are some like Jaiselmer that have desert conditions with sands in most of its part. Also some are snow covered like Srinagar while others are plains like Lucknow and hence there is contrasts you would find here.

Cities Avg Temperatures (deg C) Avg Rainfalls (mm)
Bangalore 17 315
Guwahati 24 376
Lucknow 31 305
Dehradun 20 630
Shimla 11 425
Trivandrum 28 308

Average Weather and Climate in India

The below table shows the average temperatures and rainfalls in the different seasons of India that would surely give us the best weather forecast the most happening time one can visit the various travel spots in the country. The maximum temperatures reaches in the month of summers most probably June while the maximim rainfalls are in the month of July so be cautious and choose the time that best suits your visit to India.

Season Avg Temperatures (deg C) Avg Rainfalls(mm)
Winters (Dec-Feb) 14 52
Summers (March-May) 30 170
Monsoons(June-Sept) 25 252
Post Monsoons(Oct-Nov) 20 33

Best Time To Visit India

The best season as we can see form the table is the time when the temperatures are low as well as the rainfalls are mild and those range occurs in the post monsoon season and winters that is from the month of October to the month of February for most of India. This is the time when the tourists can make up their plans of visiting the various destinations and travel spots in India.

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India Travel Spots can provide you with more on the latest India travel weather forecast guide and climate weather in India.

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