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Planning for a visit to India? India is a place that can mesmerize you with its beautiful green valleys, deep blue sea beaches, snow clad mountains, long sand desserts or river valleys, you name it and you'll have it here. Its a heavenly place and a must watch for tourists who have never visited this place before!

India is a place of huge contrasts that you can see not only in the climate and food of the region but in the overall culture and traditions of the people living here. If you want to see the snow and mountains visit the northern India. Here you will also get the taste of most spicy of food varieties never tasted before!

If you want to enjoy the deserts and sand dunes then move to the west of India. Sweet food is the speciality where you could find sweetness and sugar in almost every variety of food. Historical forts made during the ancient empires and powerful kings is surely a must watch. These huge forts have mind boggling architecture and designs that makes one's eyes pop out!

Enjoy the beautiful beaches in the western and eastern coastal regions of India. Fish and rice becomes the most favourite of the food for the people in these regions. Tourists enjoy these places because of the awesome sun laden beaches and the beautiful coral reefs and marine life here.

South India is a heavenly place of beautiful temples. These temples have been erected in devotion to a number of gods and goddesses as per the respect and devotion of the people in the region. The idols carved out in these temples are so artistically made that it seems real humans being engraved on the walls!!

The central India is a place of great centuries and forests that are quiet popular due to the area they cover and the large number and variety of wildlife found here. Also the caves like Ajanta and Elloras carved in mountains truly makes one surprised of the how the magnificent sculptures had being carved in those mountain rocks!

So what are you waiting for? Just pack your bags and come along for a great unforgettable journey along with all your friends and family!

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