Gujarat Travel Guide

One of the most important states that have brought about great development in the economy of India is the state of Gujarat located on the western side of Indian Territory. It has the Maharashtra in the south, the Rajasthan in the north and the Madhya Pradesh on the east of its boundary. It had some of the oldest civilizations in the world such as the Indus valley and has given rise to some of the most prominent leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel who played active role in the Indian independence. One of the leaders in industrialization, the state of Gujarat, has the fastest growing economy status among the other states of India.

Places to Visit

The state of Gujarat is very popular for the various tourist destinations and historic places for it had been a place of great independence wars. The history of Gujarat had seen great rulers of the Gupta Empire and thereafter in the empire of Allauddin Khilji that flourished during those times. There are some in the top 10 places to visit that are must watch if you have made your plane to come here. The Gujarat travel guide would let you know about the amazing places it has in some of the cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Ahmedabad to name a few.

The tourism in Gujarat is also a major finance booster with loads of tourists coming in from both India and abroad and hence the hospitality sector has seen enormous rise in the recent times of the state. There are many popular heritage places that have left their mark in the history of ancient India and are hence still remembered. There are various ashrams and museums having the life instances related to the great Mahatma Gandhi such as the Sabarmati ashram. The Baroda museum and the Calico textile museum in Ahmedabad are some very popular tourist spots in Gujarat.

The other popular spots to visit are the antique museums that bring about the traditional art and culture of the state of Gujarat. A large number of old and heritage places have been converted to museums that are amazing to see and a large number of tourists come to the place mostly to see these as these depict the history and the development of the state of Gujarat. You could easily see how a number of ashrams of Gandhi, picture gallery and residences of popular people has been changed to famous museums.

The state of Gujarat has some of the most exciting places to see and this is the reason why thousands and lakhs of tourists visit the place from all around the world. One of the major reasons is the excellent infrastructure that the state has worked upon to give you those excellent roads and well maintained tourist spots and parks. Similarly are the honeymoon destinations that the freshly weds would love to visit and enjoy their honeymoon holidays. The amazing picturesque view of the Great Rann of Kutch and the beautiful hill station of Saputara are the wonderful travel spots that the lovers would want to go amongst the other popular museums and parks all over the state.

How to Reach

Gujarat has some of the most developed transport systems and infrastructure considered one of the best in the major states of India. There are excellent flyovers, wide lane highways for amazing travel experience and a number of airports both domestic and international ones for an excellent flight schedules around the world. Find the maps to see what and where of the state of Gujarat so that you could be your own travel guide to the various popular destinations that you would love to watch again and again!

There are a large number of railway stations in the state that easily links the different major cities of Gujarat. The state is governed by the western railways and the major ones being the Vadodara railway station, Surat, Rajkot and Ahmedabad railway stations to name a few. The journey by train is supposed to be one of the best for the kind of ease and comfort one can get during the journey. And also one can enjoy the window viewing of how the change in the culture and dresses of the people occurs with distances.

One often travel to the smaller places and cities by the road transport and not to mention the Gujarat state transport corporation has worked upon a number of bus services so that the people could easily commute by road all major cities of the state. There are intercity, interstate and mofussil services that has unmatched services to make things very convenient and easy for the people staying here. Auto rickshaw is also mostly used means of transport by the common people to various areas.

The state of Gujarat also has one of the most developed airports among the one in India. The place has seventeen airports all around the major cities of the state where both the domestic and international tourists are taken care of with all the facilities. Hence the travel by air is one of the major modes of transport a quicker and faster way to reach a place. Domestic airports include the Surat, Rajkot, Porbandar and others. The international one is the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel airport for travel of foreign tourists to and fro from India.

Things to Do

The state of Gujarat has some of the best places where various items related to the very culture and tradition can be seen. Some of them include the Gujarat saris, bangles with lot of mirror work to give it that amazing brilliance and the sweet items! All these can be great fun shopping along with friends and family and which can be an exciting experience especially for the foreign tourists that come to the place from out of border.

One of the most cherished items that one loves in Gujarat are its ultimate cuisines and variety in its food. One of the most famous and is served all around the states of India is the Gujarati thali which has a collection of different food items such as rotli, dal, bhakri, rice, pickle and condiments to name a few. There are various places to eat in the different parts of Gujarat that may serve you with the various cuisines of Gujarat but you should try out the traditional food in some of the popular restaurants.

With the good development in the lifestyles of the people in the different cities of Gujarat there have been the upspring of a number of discotheques and clubs all around. Here the youngsters and couples can enjoy to the tune of music and have loads of fun. The bigger cities have great nightlife with people sharing their joys and happiness and the major celebration events all right here in the clubs. These are mostly for the people who do not get enough time from their daily busy routines and like to freshen themselves up during the night with friends. There is no end to the fun you can have in one of the most developed state of Gujarat and to add on to this excitement one can watch the movies in the different theatres all around the big and small cities. Also if you are a regional film lover of Gujarat then what could be best than to watch out the various popular national award winning regional films in the cinemas of Gujarat.

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