Goa Travel Guide

One of the most well known across the globe for the tourist spots and especially the beaches is the smallest state of the nation called Goa. Situated on the western coastal regions of India, this state is full of travel places including the various historical monuments and flora and fauna that enhance the beauty of the place. The location of the state of Goa with Karnataka on its south and east, and the Maharashtra to its northern side makes it the perfect place for the tourists. With the Western Ghats hills and green coconut trees around, a huge number of travellers reach the place not only from India but also abroad. Goa is also considered to have the highest GDP levels and not to mention also ranks highest for the quality of life with which the people live here.

Places to Visit

The state of Goa is a merry land with a number of popular beaches on the amazing coastal lands on the west. Also there are a major number of temples and churches that one would love to see once one comes here. The beautiful natural surroundings gives rise to various exotic sites and comes under the top 10 places to visit for the photogenic and scenic beauty attracts loads of tourists all round the year. Famous places such as the state museum, Jesus Cathedral and various churches add to the excitement and the travel guide can help you enjoy within the state of Goa with ease.

Most of the tourists flock the place in good numbers to enjoy the waters in the coastal areas where one could find the beautiful beaches with coral reefs and marine life all around. There are various popular beaches both in the north and south Goa and among the north are the Vagator, Anjuna and Baga while among the south are Majorda, Colva, Varca and Cavelossim that are great to see!

Goa has always been a major tourist spot for thousands and thousands of tourists that come to the place not only from the domestic cities but also the international countries all around. The major reason for the rush is the amazing beaches and flora and fauna that one sees here once one reaches here. Hence the place is very popular for the newlyweds who enjoy the various honeymoon destinations located in and around Goa. The mesmerizing biodiversity seen in the beautiful wildlife sanctuaries and the marine life seen in the coastal waters with coral reefs around surely makes it a fun place to enjoy for honeymooners from all over the world. One can also enjoy the water sports along with friends and family on the waters of beaches with motor boats and water skiing adventures.

How to Reach

There are various means of travel by which one can get to Goa and visit the various amazing places and picturesque spots as the historical monuments, beaches and wildlife sanctuaries among the others. The maps of the region will act as a travel guide for you to reach out to the various destinations of Goa that you would love to see and enjoy. One of the best means to travel and exciting one too is by train where you can experience the cool weather and the beauty of the place. The south western railway and the Konkan railway link the ports of Belgaum, Margao and Hubli for an easy and convenient transport.

Most of the places in Goa are interlinked by small and big roads that make it really easy and convenient for the tourists to visit the different parts and major towns such as Panjim and Margao. The major national highways are the NH 17 and NH 4A connecting the cities of Goa by road to the other state cities. The internal parts of the state can be roamed about by auto rickshaws and the motorcycle taxis while the mostly used are the private two wheelers by the localities.

A large number of international as well as domestic flights flow by the only airport which is the Dabolim Airport. A number of international flights can be seen going to and fro Kuwait, Germany, Russia, Dubai and Qutar and hence the foreign tourists fly by air through these to reach Goa. There are also charted flights that move on from this airport for transport ease. Major airlines include Jet Airways, Spice Jet, Go Air, Indian Airlines and few more ones.

Things to Do

Just thinking about Goa makes one imagine the amount of leisure and excitement one can have in the lush blue waters of the beaches with green coconut trees growing all around! One truly is relaxed in both mind and soul with just laying body down on the sands with cool breeze blowing by and you are watching the marine lives in the waters. The night can be equally enjoyed with loads of nightlife parties in the beaches that go on all the major occasions during new years time or Christmas eve although the parties in the clubs and joints flourish all year round. If you are long with friends then the discotheques and clubs can really enthral you with hip hop music and the dance floors that would just not let you sit at one place.

The very next things that can be enjoyed are the varied joints and snacks corners all around the popular places and mostly the beaches that are full of crowds on all major seasons. The food of Goa mainly consists of rice and fish varieties that one can really enjoy if you are a non vegetarian and have a taste for such local food. There are various and amazingly very traditional places to eat that would provide you with such cuisines as vegetable Khatkhate which consist of many vegetables, coconut and spices and is very popular. The idli and dosa are also quite popular south Indian dish here. The Goan Catholics like the non vegetarian with the pork dishes being made during major celebration times.

What could be better, especially for the ladies, to just move around the popular market places that really excite you with! The small state of Goa has various small and big markets that one could really enjoy shopping along with a travel guide who can help you out with what is famous locally and which could really be attractive piece of thing for you. Some of the popular eating products are made of rice, banana, spices that are found in abundance here. Along with the kirana shops you could also find the malls where you could buy braded clothing and jewellery items.

What more can one get along with the sightseeing of the various exotic spots, the shopping places, the beaches and the places to eat along with all your young and old friends? But what if you have seen all the places and you are just bogged down with just travelling to different places then what could be better than just book your tickets and refresh yourself by watching the latest movies in the theatres and multiplexes just near you. One can also enjoy watching the popular Natak and Zagor in the theatres which the people of Goa are very excited to see. There are various forms of entertainments one could find in the malls in line with the culture and tradition that is followed in the state of Goa.

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