Jammu Kashmir Travel Guide

One of the amazing places to visit and having a big historical background, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is one of the very popular tourist destinations not only among the domestic but also the foreign travellers all year round. Located in the high mountainous region of the Himalayas the state is having China on its north, Pakistan on its west and Punjab and Himachal on its south. Its only due to its remarkable location that it has eye popping landscape with snow covered mountain peaks and forests with rare wildlife and lakes with astounding beauty. There is distribution for the capital of the state where the capital during the summers is Srinagar while during the winters is Jammu.

Places to Visit

The state of Jammu and Kashmir comprises of a number of stunning travel spots where one could see loads and loads of tourists coming all year round. There are three main regions in which the state is divided and is also the most popular ones. These are the Jammu, the Kashmir Valley and the third one is the Ladakh and these are where one could find some of the top 10 places to visit to make your travel really exciting and enjoyable! The state has some of the most famous pilgrimage spots such as the Amarnath and the Vaishno Devi where lakhs and lakhs of people come to pay their homage. The travel guide would also Gulmarg is also a very popular tourist destination with cool picturesque views all around and great place for holidaying.

Full of amazing beautiful valleys and mountain ranges covered with snow makes it one of the most lovable places in the world and it is this reason that the tourists from all over come to the place to enjoy the natures beauty and refresh themselves. The hill stations in the state especially in the Kashmir valley are unforgettable with places like Gulmarg, Srinagar, Pahalgam and Sonamarg to name a few that are must watch. The mountain valleys full of green forests and the astounding pilgrimage places at major locations in the high icy mountains are truly heavenly.

One of the top favourites tourist destinations and having the cities of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh one could easily imagine how beautiful the place could be and especially for the young couples and newlyweds who are looking out for the honeymoon destinations for a remember able time! Amazing outings such as the boating at Dal Lake, Skiing at Gulmarg and the pilgrimage at the Amarnath temple are extra ordinary experiences and must see among the various tourist spots around India.

How to Reach

One of the amazing places to visit, one often wonders what could be the best routes to reach the exciting places of tourist interests and hence this travel guide would help you with all the travel maps where you could find the major cities and spots you could enjoy. One of the main sources of transport is through flight from the airport in Kashmir valley to states outside and vice versa. One could travel by air to the Kashmir airport from where one can take in other means such as buses, taxis or train to reach other major regions of the state.

One could also take in to reach the various places of Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh via the Banihal road tunnel which also connects it to the other neighbouring states. One can travel by road through the national highway NH 1A in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

If you want to travel in the railways of the state of Jammu and Kashmir then what could be the best than the train which connects the Baramulla in the west to the stations of Srinagar and Qazigund. Thus if you are planning by train between these major stations then this means of transport can be the best to suit your needs. The line is proposed to the stretched across the Pir Mountains to enhance its connectivity to other places.

Things to Do

Travelling to the various tourist spots of the place one could also look out for things and items that are famous in the state which you could buy and take back home as a holiday memory. Although the state of Jammu and Kashmir is famous for various things but one can find shopping places where most famous are its handicraft items, rugs, silk and woollen shawls. Also the Kashmiri saffron is also popular and is exported in good amounts.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir depicts one of famous and rich cultures that is majorly a mix of the traditions of Indo Tibetan people. Hence the eating habits of the people have also been influenced accordingly. Travelling around one could see that there are various places to eat where one could enjoy variety in dishes such as thukpa and soupy noodles. Also are popular non vegetarian cuisines such as the Rogan Josh, Kaanti, Syoon Pulaav and Yakhni to name a few.

One could enjoy the place not only during the day among the beautiful mountain ranges and snow laden peaks but there are various places in the state where the tourists especially the young ones can have fun all night long! Enjoy the excitement of nightlife in some of the few clubs and discotheques that provide for amazing music and dance parties to enjoy the entire night. Various small and big parties are arranged here to refresh the mood of the comers here so that they could enjoy and share their experiences all night long.

The state of Jammu Kashmir has a number of movie theatres where one could enjoy and refresh one self with all the entertainment along with cold drinks and snacks. You could watch out the national block buster movies and also the local regional ones if you have a taste for the same to make out the maximum of your holiday trip to the place. A large number of picture halls could be found and you just have to choose the best one that is situated and located near you.

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