Himachal Pradesh Travel Guide

The land of Himachal is an amazing place with a number of beautiful places and the hills all around to add to the mystic view. The major part is covered with dense forests and the mountainous regions make it one of the top destinations for the tourists all round the year. Its a part of Western Himalayas surrounded by Punjab on the western side, Jammu Kashmir at its North and Uttarakhand on the south eastern side. The name Himachal is believed to come from two separate words Hima (snow) and Anchal (lap) that typically means in the lap of Himalayas or the Adobe of Snow! The state of Himachal Pradesh having a number of rivers flowing all round the year has number of dams for generation of hydro electricity which it sells to others states. The state also has one of the fastest growing economies in India owning to a large number of natural resources available here.

Places to Visit

The state of Himachal has beautiful natural forests with broad leaved and deciduous trees that enhance the mystic beauty of the entire surroundings! The amazing view of the Himalayan Rivers flowing by the forests and plains region creates amazing tourists spots which one would love to enjoy with friends and family. Here you can catch up the travel guide for the top 10 places to visit in the state of Himachal Pradesh which anyone would love to experience once in a lifetime. The Dal Lake in Himachal similar to the magnificence of Dal Lake in Kashmir adds to the beauty of the place and the Khajjiar in the summers produces an awesome view.

Being part of the Himalayan range there are loads of mountains and ranges which the state of Himachal boosts of. These provide for all the natural attractiveness among the rivers and forests that lies here with the wildlife. Visiting these hill stations can be an amazing experience especially when it lies in the Himalayan range to give you those picturesque scenes while travelling. To name a few are the hills of Kullu Manali, Shimla and Kasauli for an amazing adventurous journey right to the top!

Undoubtedly this is the right place for all the romance and love for the newly married as the atmosphere is amazing! One would find the awesome lakes and rivers flowing by in the rich greens of the forests all over the valleys. The young couples would simply love the exotic honeymoon destinations in the state which anyone in the world would just dream about for the kind of excitement one can get here. The Solan, Kangra, Shimla and Kufri are just amazing places to watch out along with the Kullu Manali for the kinds of adventure sports these provide are really exciting.

How to Reach

Looking at the awesomeness of the place one would surely pack the bags and make plans to reach Himachal. The travel guide with the maps of the place will help you out with travel spots and area around the state which you could enjoy a lot. There many ways one can get to the state and its cities and the major ones are by road, train and by air, the most prominent one being by road because of the harsh mountainous terrain found here. A number of national and state highways make reaching the place quite smooth but be cautious during the winters and rainfall seasons where there is huge snow and slides all over the region.

One can also reach some places of Himachal Pradesh by the state railways which come to some of the prominent cities of Shimla, Una and Solan. The Kalka Shimla Railway and the Pathankot Jogindernagar are the ones which connects the few of the important cities in the state. Hence one can choose to reach by train only if you want precisely to reach among the cities mentioned. Although after that you could take any other means such as cab, taxi, auto or a bus to other destinations of your choice quite easily.

If you are currently in one of the major cities like Delhi then you could choose the option of flight to reach the state of Himachal Pradesh. Just reach here by air by booking some of the major flights like the Deccan that moves on to and fro from the state of Himachal having domestic airports at Shimla, Gaggal and Bhuntar currently. So if you have less time and want to have more fun then just do not think further and move ahead with your trip plans.

Things to Do

Once you have reached the amazing state of Himachal Pradesh, you might be wondering what more could be done that would add to the fun and excitement of the place. So not to think further as here with the Himachal travel guide you would come to know of the best shopping places in and around the famous tourists spots. There are lots of things Himachal is popular for and the best among them are the Pashmina shawls which are sold not only in the domestic markets but are also exported in huge numbers worldwide. Other items include carpets, wooden work and paintings that the tourists cannot resist to buy and take with them along!

As amazing is the place the more exciting is the food and cuisines of the people here. The populat ones include the chouck, jhoul, khatti dal, lingree and pahadi aloo to name a few. Hence if you love to enjoy the pahadi dishes then what could be better than to enjoy some of the cuisines in some of the popular places to eat in the state along with your friends and family. The awesomely cool weather and the exotic locations add fuel to your diet which you would surely enjoy.

If you have come to visit the state then not only the day places but also the night time is filled with excitement all over the various tourist spots in the region. There are places where the youngsters could enjoy the fun with dance and music in the discotheques which makes the nightlife all the more enjoyable with friends. The young couples would love these joints where they could share their moments together both the good and bad ones and make it their day.

What more one wants if you are all done with the sightseeing the beautiful places of Himachal Pradesh and to refresh yourself to book the tickets for the latest blockbuster in the nearest cinemas of the state. Watch out for the forthcoming movies that you may see in either the local dialect or the national movies going in the bollywood along with your friends and relatives with a cup of coffee and pop corns! Just ask the travel guide and you will get a number of cinema halls where you could enjoy and have fun in some of the most beautiful locations in the state.

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